Handcrafted food that is grown with care for people who care in Middle Tennessee.

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How we do it…

Family-owned farm located in the picturesque town of McEwen, Tennessee,  dedicated to natural and sustainable farming practices.

Operating on a modest plot of land, farming less than one acre, we employ intensive growing methods to produce an impressive variety of crops within a limited space. Thanks to our innovative season-extension techniques, we can provide fresh, homegrown produce throughout the entire year.

Our deep-rooted commitment to promoting optimal health drives us to prioritize clean and nutrient-rich greens and vegetables. We firmly believe that these elements are essential for achieving and maintaining well-being.

You can find our produce both at the Dickson Farmers Market and through our convenient online farmers market for pre-ordering, with pick-up available at the Dickson Farmers Market location.





Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  ―  Hippocrates.

“Hi!  Just wanted to say it was great to see you guys at the market today and that I tried the lettuce and basil sprouts in a salad for lunch.  It was absolutely delicious!!  Not sure I’ll want to buy supermarket greens ever again.  :). Thank you very much for bringing your products to the farmers market in Dickson!   I’ll be sure to tell my neighbors.”

Wendy Horn

Customer, Dickson Farmers Market