Handcrafted food that is grown with care for people who care in Middle Tennessee.

How we do it…

Clean Genes is a naturally grown family farm nestled in gorgeous McEwen, Tennessee.

We cultivate on less than one acre of land. By utilizing grow-intensive techniques, we generate an abundance of food in a small space. Our season-extensions allow us to grow food all year-round.

We’re passionate about optimal health, and believe clean and nutrient-dense greens and vegetables are paramount to achieve that.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  ―  Hippocrates.

“Hi!  Just wanted to say it was great to see you guys at the market today and that I tried the lettuce and basil sprouts in a salad for lunch.  It was absolutely delicious!!  Not sure I’ll want to buy supermarket greens ever again.  :). Thank you very much for bringing your products to the farmers market in Dickson!   I’ll be sure to tell my neighbors.”

Wendy Horn

Customer, Dickson Farmers Market