We wanted to chime in with our concerns about a product called APEEL. Apeel is a coating that is being put on fruits and vegetables with skins and peels, and Edipeel on greens. This product is meant to extend the shelf life of produce that has skin or a peel…and there is another product called Edipeel that is being put on greens. 

This product is being advertised to go on both conventional and organic…also safe for babies. If you dive deeper to find out what exactly is in this…it doesn’t appeal to us. The name Apeel does not amuse us because it’s anything but appealing.

Our food supply is inundated with too many man made / non-real food products. We will continue to grow REAL food and get the produce to you only when it’s fresh, so there is no need to artificially extend the shelf life.

Today, we’re sharing about a business we support that DOES NOT provide and produce with the Apeel product. They have very high standards of the farms and farmers they work and partner with.

We buy everything we can locally, and what we can’t we supplement some things with Azure Standard.

We’re living in a time where autoimmune diseases are rampant, food allergies are coming out of nowhere, diabetes and heart disease continue to be on the rise, etc…and so we just want to shed a little light on businesses we know that are actively avoiding the nasty petrochemicals and take a strong stance against dirty growing practices. 

This week we’d like to share a food-buying co-op that strongly stands on supplying from farms/farmers with very clean growing standards. They provide options for consumers to purchase organic produce, bulk dried goods (like flour, oats, beans, rice, etc), pantry items, gluten-free, dairy, oils, and so much more. There are options to buy in bulk and also smaller quantities.

Jason and I have been ordering for 9 years now, so we’ve had a good relationship and are always very pleased.  You can head to their website with this link I provided, where you can find all the details for ordering. You will need to select what your pickup preference is. They have delivery drops all over Tennessee (Dickson, Columbia, Franklin, Lobelville, etc) and most of the United States.

Ordering is once a month, and delivery is just once a month, so you must figure out your ordering cutoff date. Their website offers excellent customer service with actual humans to call with questions. I’ve called them many times with questions, and they are always happy to help.

None of the products they offer have Apeel, and you can mosey on to their “ABOUT’ tab on the website, and they state their whole story and standards. 

Here is a link you can use to place your first order. Using this link, and spending $100 within 60 days, our family would get $25 in Azure credit. And the cool thing about that is that you can also share your link with anyone, and then you can also get a credit. I don’t just share anything to share…I enjoy supporting this business. Especially knowing its good quality food. We thank you for using this link to order from them, and we look forward to sharing again next week more local businesses that we have here in middle Tennessee growing and producing as clean as possible. 

If you don’t use the link in this blog post, you can also enter our code sarakleinhans1 for the referral. 

Some of our family favorites to order are the bulk organic peanut butter, einkorn flour, raisins, rice, oats, sorghum flour, seeds (pumpkin, chia, sesame), masa flour, olive oil, popcorn, baking soda, cheese, creamcheese, some spices, seasonal fruit we have a hard time locating here where we live. You’ll have to check out all they have to offer. 

And if you have a hard time coordinating your schedule with your pickup day, the more we spread the word and have buddies that order…you can alternate or tag team picking up your order.

Apeel is (or will be) available at the following grocers:

  • Costco
  • Trader Joes
  • Gelsons
  • Ralphs
  • Sprouts
  • Vons
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger
  • Harps Foods
  • Wakefern
  • Price Right
  • Fairway Market
  • Target
  • Bristol Farms and more

APEEL & Edipeel will never be at the following farm:

  • Clean Genes Farm

Stay tuned…we will be sharing more blog posts on who we can support locally with clean and humane growing practices. And for those not local to us in middle Tennessee, we will share information on how you can search in your area and what questions you will want to ask your producer.