This lettuce is FRESH yall! I often laugh when I hear commercials of big box stores saying they have the freshest produce and connect with local farmers.
As a small farmer researching how to get my veggies into stores, I can tell you they make it hard for a mom-and-pop farm to get into retail chain stores, where veggies are purchased from warehouse suppliers, not the farmer.
Mostly machines touched the products ( not human hands) and also shipped and gased to maintain an appearance to look fresh in the package. Did you know products can have a MAP rating? MAP stands for modified atmosphere pressure. Gases are sprayed in packages (yes, in organic to extend a product’s shelf life). Big chain stores used to be a goal of ours to get into. Not any longer, though! Small, locally owned stores where we can have a relationship with the owners and employees are where it’s at❤️ These small local stores truly know their small local farmers! We’ve been blessed to stock our goods at Waverly Cash Saver, Memories & Marmelade, and Murphy’s Cee Bee!!!