10 Reason to Love Local Raised Poultry!

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to some local farmers in Middle Tennessee who are raising poultry (both eggs and meat) on pasture. We have established relationships with each of these farmers and are eager to share a glimpse into their practices and how you can connect with them. These are the farmers we personally know and trust.

Once you’ve experienced locally raised poultry on pasture, you’ll find it challenging to go back to store-bought options. 

Each of these farmers below focus on ethical and humane treatment of their animals…all are pasture-raised with rotational movement, they also process and package 100 % at their farms so they have control.

  1. Heritage Glen Farm
    • Located in Dickson, TN, Heritage Glen Farm has been in operation for over 12 years.
    • Farmers Meg and Harry were our first friends when we moved to Tennessee…we were seeking organic farmers when we moved here and found out quickly how awesome they are!
    • They offer various poultry products, including chicken and duck eggs, pastured broilers (Freedom Rangers), chicken liver, chicken hearts, chicken necks, and feet for broth brewing.
      • Whole young roosters and stewing hens are also available (great for broth plus wonderful tender meat for casseroles /soups).
      • Meg will walk you through the tips & tricks of cooking these and has recipes as well.
      • Beyond Organic Proteins – all livestock rotational graze chemical-free pastures.
      • They also have beef (Dexter grass fed & finished) and pork (heritage breeds forage in pasture & forests) which we will discuss in upcoming posts.
      • Contact Meg & Harry at 615-740-5254 or 813-230-6510, and don’t forget to follow their Facebook page.
  2. Nubby Farm
    • Located in Pegram, TN, Nubby Farm offers a range of products, including eggs, whole chickens, different cuts of chicken, bone broth, chicken feet, organic sourdough bread (delish), and more. 
    • Ana & Jaime prioritize regenerative practices and always avoid GMOs, soy, corn, vaccines, and hormones. 
    • Contact them at 901-314-3885 or email nubbyfarms@gmail.com to get information or place an order.
    • Ana has wonderful cooking tips & videos to cook your pasture-raised poultry.
    • Follow Nubby Farms on social media for cooking videos and updates.
  3. Hoff The Grid Homestead
    • Hoff The Grid Farmstead is a familiar face at the Dickson Farmers Market.
    • Adam and Emilee run their homestead in McEwen, TN.
    • They offer a variety of poultry products, including whole chickens, different cuts of chicken (legs, wings, breast, tenderloins, thighs, etc), eggs, and a dry ranch mix.
    • Their broiler chickens are moved to new pastures daily, enjoying a diet of grasses, bugs, and non-GMO feed.
    • Laying hens have the freedom to roam wide-open pastures.
    • Visit their website for all the details and be sure to follow them on social media as well.
    • All their details on delivery, farm pickup, and farmers market is in this link here.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Local Pasture-Raised Poultry:

  1. Superior Animal Welfare: Local pasture-raised chickens enjoy humane conditions, ensuring the well-being of the birds.
    • In comparison, Big Agriculture has meat birds raised in big chicken houses, dusty floors without grass to eat and bugs to peck, no natural sunlight, and conditions that really foster unhealthy birds.
    • Many of these chicken houses are so cramped and birds trample on each other and they sometimes de-beak the chickens so they wont peck at each other. Same for laying hens as the meat birds (broilers).
  2. Freshness: Local chickens are delivered with a personal touch, guaranteeing a fresh and satisfying product.
    • When Buying your poultry directly from your farmer, you will begin a beautiful relationship and they have knowledge to share all about how your food got to your table. 
  3. Higher Nutrient Levels: Pasture-raised chickens boast a richer nutritional profile thanks to their diverse diet and exposure to natural sunlight.
    • You will visibly see the difference when buying directly from a small farmer. You can tell just by looking at the chicken meat or eggs freshly cracked open. Birds raised in humane & good conditions(in nature and being able to live out their natural behaviors) have a healthy appearance, good coloring without any crap added or injected during processing.
    • In Big Agriculture, most chicken goes through a bleach bath because of the smell. Additionally, most store chicken is injected with salt water & other additives to increase weight /appearance of size . 
  4. Better Flavor: These chickens have a distinct and delicious taste due to their natural diet and exercise.
  5. Lower Environmental Impact: Supporting local farmers reduces the carbon footprint associated with chicken production.
  6. Reduced Antibiotic Use: Local farms prioritize animal health and avoid unnecessary vaccine & antibiotic use.
  7. Transparency: Connect with local farmers directly to learn about their practices, ensuring transparency.
  8. Supporting Local Economies: Purchasing local pasture-raised chickens bolsters the local agriculture industry and your community’s well-being.
  9. Reduced Chemical Exposure: These chickens are raised on chemical free pasture.
  10. Preservation of Biodiversity: Small-scale, local farming operations are more likely to preserve biodiversity and traditional farming practices, benefiting the environment in the long term.