What We Do…

Clean Genes is a family farm nestled in gorgeous McEwen, Tennessee.

We cultivate on one acre of land. By utilizing grow-intensive techniques, we generate an abundance of food in a small space. Our season-extensions allow us to grow microgreens and lettuces all year-round.

We’re passionate about optimal health, and believe clean and nutrient-dense greens and vegetables are paramount to achieve that.

No pesticides

No herbicides

No fungicides

No chemical fertilizers

Our mission is to create a positive change in our food growing culture. Clean Genes Farm is a small ecological farm that helps to feed surrounding communities a bountiful selection of organically grown produce. We vow to be a force of change to rid the toxic destruction of industrial agriculture with our food system based in nature. We grow food with care.

We focus on creating healthy soil as it provides the opportunity to grow the best vegetables in both taste and nutritional value. Our bio-intensive techniques gently aerate soil without disturbing its structure or microbes. Healthy soil starts at the biological level with organic compost and Mother Earth’s little helpers. It’s a cycle of goodness that begins with great soil and ends with healthy people and the environment.

 We harvest at peak ripeness, ensuring our produce is loaded with living enzymes and phytonutrients.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  ―  Hippocrates.

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Strawberry Mango Smoothie

This strawberry mango smoothie was inspired by my son and is also known as "pink slammer." Why do we call it this you ask? Good question, but the answer is simple really...the smoothie is pink and we slam it down super quick! My son can be finicky when it comes to...

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5 Ways to Eat Sunflower Microgreens

Don't hesitate to learn 5 delicious ways to eat our Sunflower Shoots.

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