This video shows me planting mizuna seed with the JP1 at our farm (Clean Genes Farm) here in middle Tennessee. In my opinion, the JP1 is the best straight-line seeder out there. Yes, I’ve only been planting less than a year, but I have several reasons that I reach for the JP1 over my other seeder (Earthway Seeder). The couple times I’ve utilized the Earthway, it was not a seamless planting. I have to be more careful and intentional with the Earthway. With the JP1, I just put the correct seed plate for that particular seed size, and fill the hopper with correct density…and I can literally run and plant. Super easy, durable, and accurate. I myself didn’t find that ease with my other seeder. Don’t get me wrong the Earthway has its place on the farm. For greens planting, I prefer the JP1 hands down. I can set up the seeder and plant in minutes. For a husband and a dad of three every second counts. The video shows me planting a few of the nine rows of mizuna on a 30” x 50′ bed.