Potting Soil

We use several ingredients to make up our potting soil. We utilize organic growing standards and our recipe works well for our growing systems…including microgreens, starting transplants in trays, and paperpot system.

When we make a big batch our potting soil recipe is:

Large Batch Ratio

  • 10 gallons of Bergers OM2 (dump 2 of 5-gallon buckets)
  • 4 cups Ohio Earth Food Re-Vita 3-4-3 compost plus or something similar. It’s composted chicken manure.
  • 2 quarts of worm castings

 Smaller Mixing Ratio:

  • 5 gallons of Bergers OM2
  • 2 cups Ohio Earth Food Re-Vita 3-4-3 compost
  • 1 quart worm castings

Composted Chicken manure adds nitrogen (3%), phosphorus (4%), and potassium (3%). There’s several ratios available for NPK…but a whole other video!

 The hummus in worm castings help to increase soil water retention, improve soil aeration, and anchor plant nutrients. Castings also feed beneficial microorganisms that in turn add nutrients to feed your plants.

If you’re not one for making your own mix, you could also buy a large bag of Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee. That’s a wonderful potting mix ready to go. We don’t use it as it’s not economically feasible in our growing systems.

I mentioned in the video “OMRI” standards. OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute. All USDA-certified organic standards are reviewed and listed as an OMRI-listed products.

Also, there are many great quality amendments out there that are not listed in OMRI registry. It’s important to read labels and find out what works best for you. 

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