Organic Arugula Microgreen

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Now, let's talk about these delightful arugula microgreens, shall we? They're like a tiny forest of flavor, with their distinctive, robust, and slightly spicy personality. Just look at all the goodness they bring to the table – calcium, folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, not to mention those little helpers called antioxidants and fiber.

The USDA, the friend that knows these things, tells us that microgreens are like nature's little treasure chests, with up to 40% more nutrition packed into them compared to their full-grown cousins. It's like they're saying, "I'm here to give you all the love I've got in this tiny package."

So, when you welcome these arugula microgreens into your world, it's like inviting a burst of health and flavor into your life. They're the happy little secret to nourishing your body and soul. Just remember, there are no mistakes when it comes to choosing these microgreens – just happy accidents waiting to make your day a little brighter and your meal a little tastier

7 reviews for Organic Arugula Microgreen

  1. Jacquelyn B. (verified owner)

  2. Sherrill Eatherly (verified owner)

    So light and full of flavor! They are so fresh and nutritious.

  3. Bonnie E. (verified owner)


  4. Jeanette M. (verified owner)

  5. Debbie Bass (verified owner)

    I must get these on a weekly basis! So delicious & many ways to use them!

  6. Marilyn G Hayes (verified owner)

  7. Christy K. (verified owner)

    Arugula is so great for the endocrine system! It makes us feel better when we eat microgreens and these are so fresh and well packaged.

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