Hey Salad Lovers! We understand your frustration about missing out on our Hand Crafted Lettuce and Microgreens at your local stores. Today, we want to share a few unique challenges we face as a small market farm, giving you a peek behind the scenes.

Running a small farm comes with obstacles, adding complexity to our journey as small farmers. As micro-farmers, we’re hands-on at every stage, ensuring you get the freshest greens. Here are four daily challenges we tackle:

  1. Labor: Small-scale farming is labor-intensive, and finding and keeping skilled workers, especially during peak seasons, can be challenging.
  2. Distribution: Getting our produce to market involves logistical challenges like transportation, packaging, and storage.
  3. Limited Resources: Small farms often have limited financial resources, making it challenging to invest in equipment, infrastructure, and labor needed for efficient and sustainable farming.
  4. Financial Viability: Achieving profitability on a small farm can be difficult due to high operating costs and competition from larger agricultural operations.

These are only a few of the challenges we face as market farmers.  

Rest assured, we’re committed to providing you with top-quality greens. We made a significant change to ensure we can continue to grow excellent quality greens by cutting out wholesale distribution. Cutting out wholesale let us focus on our direct market streams and that has been a game changer for our family and the farm.

You can still enjoy our delicious produce every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Dickson Farmers Market. For added convenience, we offer pre-orders through our online farmers market..

Your unwavering support fuels our passion, and we’re dedicated to delivering the freshest, hand-crafted greens to your table. Let’s meet at the Dickson Farmers Market!