How it all started

Jason wears many hats and has been the dreamer in this whole farm operation. He’s the brain, the muscle, the studier, and the planner of bringing this farm to fruition.  A farmprenuer, if you will. 

It’s been a long time coming which started with our first seeds sewn in raised beds in Houston, TX.  The intense heat and big city proved to be too much for us as we started growing our little tribe of tiny humans.

We set our sights on raising our family with a cleaner lifestyle – with wide open spaces in a small tight-knit community, in the hills of beautiful middle Tennessee.

Founders- Sara & Jason Kleinhans

Jason left his old profession of 13 years in the offshore Oil and Gas sector, to dive full-force into his passion of growing food and living sustainably while restoring the land. His old profession served him well and that’s provided him many skills that prove to help troubleshoot things that arise on the farm.

Sara has been the supporter, researcher, nurturer of Jason’s farm dream.  Sara is a Registered Nurse, and now considers herself to be a Registered Food Nurse (if that’s a thing).  Her passion is nourishing the body to feel well, along with environment and ecosystems to raise healthy kids and educate the community.


Things didn’t happen overnight after moving to Tennessee, Jason was still working offshore doing deep water construction.  The work schedule started to clash as our first two children were growing older…harder for Daddy to be away from the family and vice versa.

While Sara was expecting baby three, Jason was overcome with an intense desire to finally make the leap into farming.  He read books like The New Organic Grower  by Eliot Coleman and How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons, that catapulted his drive to put his dreams into action.


Little by little over the course of a year and a half, we cultivated our land, added infrastructure to our property, and have been fine-tuning our growing strategy. Our evolution is ever changing – so stay tuned and grow with us.

Everyone here at Clean Genes Farm has much respect for the land, and we feel it’s important to work in synergistic manner so that we leave this place better than we found it.