Hi Friends!

This week we have some injuries to report…it’s mainly the pain in Jason’s knee (it’s an old injury that has flared up). It’s inflamed and swollen and painful for him to walk. He aggravated it last week and this weekend, and it’s to the point that he has to just let it rest.

How does a farmer rest? It’s tough, but his body is telling him he has to. He also put his hand in a place he shouldn’t have. The result is a bit of a sliced-up thumb. He was alone and couldn’t call for my help (because I wasn’t around) to assist when he heard some issues arise with our walk-in cooler.

It was his instinct to prevent a big issue from happening in the condenser of the walk-in cooler. All this to say, without Jason 72.3% this week, we can’t make home deliveries happen. He does the work of about 10 people.

I will be doing what I can in the field this week, but it doesn’t compare to what he can do. I will be able to harvest lettuce and microgreens for our stores.

All the salad subscriptions will be put on hold this week.

I will have to harvest some root vegetables and other things that need harvesting. There will be an opportunity for farm pick-up this weekend for some items, and I will post that on the Facebook page. It will likely be eggs, green onions, kale, turnips, radishes, microgreens.

We plan to be back delivering next week, we’re so sorry for the inconvenience. We love you all and thank you for your support. Without each and every one of you, we couldn’t do this!

Stay Cool and Shine On,

Jason & Sara